Draya Michele New Mint Swim 2013 Collection


Draya Michele shared new pics from her 2013 Mint-Swim collection that from the looks of it are sure to be a big hit. The designs include barely there, sexy as hell swimsuits, that will make any diva in her mind want to buy one. Here are some pics from the sexy collection by Draya and Fine Ass Girls. Draya has teamed up with Sexy La La Anthony (Carmelo Anthony) wife to promote Mint-Swim 2013 swimsuit collection. La La is also promoting a 60 day challenge to be fit & sexy, so there is no better person right now to help Draya spread the word on her killer swimsuits.

OAN the website Mint-Swim.com is being forwarded to FineAssGirls.com to make me wander are they going to have one website, or if Mint-Swim website is being re-vamped for the upcoming designs? Either way keep checking back here for Draya Michele updates.



Draya Michele New Mint Swim 2013 Collection — 63 Comments

  1. I would like to purchase one of your pieces, but I am having a hard time. Please contact me I would like one before spring-break. I am a 7-8 frame double D cup

    Thank You
    Jessica Gordon

  2. I am also having a hard time trying to order 1 of your swimsuit pieces. Im a 7-8 frame wise and DD at the top. I really love the black swimsuit that LaLa is wearing on the chair and I feel it will fit my body perfectly, so please contact me so I can make my purchase. Thank you :-) awesome job btw

  3. Hey I’m trying to buy one of the newest swimsuit… How do I go about that situation I’m kinda lost is it another website!?!???

  4. Im loving your mint swimsuits and would like to purchase one, how do I go about doing that, hmu thanks lady!! Keep up the good work:)

  5. I really would like to purchase your bikinis but I can’t find a site to order them from. Please send me info regarding where I can purchase your pieces.

    Thank you.

  6. Hi everyone, the swimsuits are not available for purchase yet. We have been told they should be released around late April, beginning of May. We will send out a mass notice when the mint swim 2013 swimsuit collection is available for purchase. Thanks for the love, Team Draya Michele

  7. Hi! Can you please show me how to order the 3rd bathing suit I’m hitting Cali for my birthday Apr. 8th and I have to be right!!

  8. hey! i wrote you guys a while back on how i can purchase swim wear but i got a link in an email for amazon but couldnt find your line can you please redirect me to the website were i can make a purchase? thank you!

  9. Everyone is requesting your swimwear. I myself would like to purchase your swimwear now. The site master or web creator needs to provide a link to shop on. Don’t miss your money when your swimwear is obviously in high demand #wanttobuynow #mintswimwearnow

  10. I need a bathing suit ASAP before the summer! LOL
    i’m trying to buy one and i cant find the website.
    At least let us know when are they going to be available again?


  11. Hey team draya Please notify me ASAP when released I would like to purchase a couple swimsuites from the line as soon as they drop. Thanks dolls <3

  12. Hi I really need the black swimsuit that LaLa is wearing it would b great for my body I live n Atlanta ga so it will get you more sales!!! Thanks

  13. Yo! Read all these comments “the people” are trying to purchase your swim wear product but it seems like everyone is having the same problem. Who in charge of getting back to “the people” so we can purchase your product. All we see is pictures on the mint-swim site that’s it! There isn’t a place for u to order ” very frustrating ” please get back to us this info pleaee

  14. Hello,

    I heard about your swimwear from a sale lady at Victoria Secret. Is there a website I can go to and see what bathing suits you have I can fit?

  15. Draya,
    I need a few of your swimsuits. Its damn near June and they haven’t surfaced yet. When are they going to be available for purchase cause I definitely need a few of them?

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  17. Spring break is coming up and I’m looking forward buying one of these swimsuits ,where to purchase ? The website not showing up,”

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